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Peluncuran Portal Garuda dari DIKTI

Garba Rujukan Digital (Garuda), sebuah portal rujukan ilmiah nasional secara resmi diluncurkan di Hotel Millenium, Jakarta, pada Selasa (15/12). Portal bisa diakses di Di dalam portal ini tersedia e-jurnal domestik dan karya-karya ilmiah selengkapnya


What Next For VoIP Technology

May 21, 2010 zahidbeenaziz

Businesses all across the world have been discovering the benefits of switching to Voice Over IP telephony solutions for several years now, and the rate of conversion to such VoIP services (as they are commonly known) is only increasing in the business community. read detail

The need of cheap calling plans has led to the inventions of distinct calling modes. VoIP technology has come up with the facility of making International Calling Plans at no or very cheap prices to reduce the burden of hefty telephonic bills. read detaily

African VoIP Forum in Lagos over 21-23 August 2006

The 3rd annual African VoIP Forum is due to be held in Lagos, Nigeria, over 21-23 August 2006.  Over 150 delegates, exhibitors and speakers from over 16 countries are expected to attend.  With two weeks to go there are only a few places left. read detailly

O2: Yes, we’re acquiring Internet phone company Jajah

O2, the mobile division of Spanish telecommunication company Telefónica, confirmed today that it’s acquiring Israel-based Internet phone company Jajah for 145 million euros (that’s $207 million).read detailly




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